The product and growth experts featured in the video lessons are renowned speakers, educators, and practitioners. They have founded or worked at some of the most innovative companies in the world, including Airbnb, Uber, Slack, Pinterest, and Intuit. In each lesson, you have the unique opportunity to tap into their expertise and take their proven strategies back to your team.

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Andrew Chen

Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

Andrew Chen, industry-leading growth thought leader, will be sitting down for a fireside chat to discuss data-backed growth best practices that he’s applied to multiple successful companies, including Uber. As a practitioner turned Investor for Andreessen Horowitz, he’ll also share his perspective on how a growth organization evolves over time at various stages of a company’s trajectory and the qualities that the next billion-dollar companies possess.

Jon Sadow

Co-founder and CPO, Scoop

Jonathan Sadow is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Scoop, the largest carpooling solution in the country. Scoop partners with some of the world's largest employers, including LinkedIn, T-Mobile, and Workday, to offer convenient, enjoyable carpooling to their employees, ultimately helping commuters be happier and less stressed in their day-to-day lives. Prior to co-founding Scoop, Jon spent years at Google in both Product Management and Business Development.

Jaime Delanghe

Director of Product, Slack

Jaime DeLanghe leads product for Search, Learning, and Intelligence at Slack, where she works with engineers, designers, and machine learning specialist to help improve your return on communication with Slack. Before joining Slack, Jaime led several product teams at Etsy. In her most recent role as Product Director, Trust & Confidence, she worked to make buying handmade as stress-free as buying toilet paper — but a lot more fun.

Gustaf Alströmer

Partner, Y Combinator

Gustaf Alströmer is a partner at Y Combinator. Before joining Y Combinator, he spent 4.5 years at Airbnb, where he worked as a Product Lead on the Growth team, a team he helped start in 2012.

Guillaume Cabane

Growth Advisor, Growth Ex Machina

Guillaume Cabane is CEO of Growth Ex Machina, where he advises growth stage startups. Guillaume held VP of Growth roles at Drift, Segment and other successful startups where he helped them grow from ~50 to 300. Prior, Guillaume spent 6 years at Apple. Outside of work, Guillaume is husband of 1, father of 2, cheese-eater of many and Pastafarian.

Casey Winters

VP of Product, Eventbrite

Casey Winters is the VP of Product at Eventbrite. Previously, Casey was the growth advisor in residence at Greylock Partners, where he helped startups with their growth strategies and scaling challenges. Prior to Greylock, Casey led marketing and growth teams at Pinterest, Grubhub, Homefinder, and Apartments.com. He blogs at caseyaccidental.com.

Patti Chan

VP of Product, Imperfect Foods

Patti Chan leads Product & Engineering at Imperfect: online grocery on a mission to fight food waste and build a better food system. She's held various product, design, and engineering leadership roles over her 15 years in tech, plus a short stint as an underground supper club proprietress. Patti has a B.A. in Psychology, and Entrepreneurship & Management from Johns Hopkins University, and lives to connect people through food.

Lex Roman

Founder and Growth Design Lead at lexroman.com

Lex Roman is an independent Product Designer who focuses on growth and data. Her work is designed to drive key metrics in the product, like activation or revenue. As a result, she has deep expertise in product analytics, early stage experimentation, and AB testing. Lex was most recently focusing on growth initiatives at The Black Tux and InVision. Previously, she's worked for Burner, Carbon Five, Neo and Kluge helping clients drive up conversion and reach new audiences.

Ben Galbraith

VP of Product, Segment

Ben Galbraith is the VP of Product at Segment. Prior to Segment, Ben was the Director of Product Management for Chrome, where he focused on the present and future of the web platform. Ben has been writing code since he was six and starting businesses since he was ten; he's written books, given hundreds of technical presentations world-wide, produced several technical conferences, sold three companies, and has held leadership roles in many industries, including retail, medical publishing, tech media, ad tech, consumer electronics and consumer software.

Calvin French-Owen

Co-founder and CTO, Segment

Calvin is a co-founder of Segment, and works primarily to help build Segment’s backend infrastructure and data processing pipeline. He previously attended MIT studying distributed systems, security, and data structures. When not working out of a coffee shop, he's climbing, running, or biking through San Francisco.

Hannah Hudson

Head of User Research, Segment

Hannah built up the user research function from scratch as the first official research at Segment, with a mission to answer the company’s biggest customer questions and build a strong culture of customer empathy. Prior to Segment, Hannah spent years as a researcher and design strategist at Intuit, working to fuel the success of small businesses and the growing self-employed economy. She also has served as adjunct faculty at Stanford and Northwestern University, teaching a variety of applied design thinking courses.

Carlos González de Villaumbrosia

CEO, Product School

As CEO and Founder of Product School, Carlos leads a growing team of instructors and employees dedicated to training the next generation of product managers across 16 campuses worldwide. He is also the author of The Product Book and a frequent speaker at technology industry events. Carlos founded three companies in the education space and has 8 years of experience building teams and digital products in Europe, Latin America and the U.S. Prior to founding Product School, he was the lead instructor at a Bay Area technology education company, where he was responsible for curating course content and teaching product management.

Stephanie Evans

Product Lead, Segment

Stephanie is a product lead at Segment, where she focuses on growing and retaining Segment's self-service customers and progressing our Personas product. Previously, she worked as a PM on Segment's platform team, and before that she was in partnerships. She loves reinventing herself. She also loves her dog, Luna.

Ilya Volodarsky

Co-founder & President, Segment

Ilya is the president & co-founder at Segment, the customer data infrastructure company. He works on infrastructure engineering, new products, and the Segment Startup Program, which is focused on helping early-stage startups implement analytics and reach product-market fit.