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The Curriculum

Each on-demand lesson is led by a product or growth expert and goes deep on a specific topic.

Andrew Chen - Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

Andrew Chen is an industry-leading growth thought leader and partner at Andreessen Horowitz. In this lesson, he’ll be sitting down for a fireside chat to discuss data-backed growth strategies that he’s applied to multiple successful companies, including Uber.

Hannah Hudson - Head of User Research at Segment

Hannah Hudson is the Head of User Research at Segment. Prior to that, she was a member of the Intuit research team. In this lesson, she covers how to use research to build empathy with customers and guide product development.

Carlos González de Villaumbrosia - CEO at Product School

Carlos González de Villaumbrosia, CEO at Product School, and Ben Galbraith, VP of Product at Segment, sit down to chat about how product as a function has changed and the skills product managers need to build to be successful.

Product development

Jaime DeLanghe - Director of Product at Slack

Jaime leads product for Search, Learning, and Intelligence at Slack. Before joining Slack, Jaime led several product teams at Etsy. In this lesson, Jaime will cover how Slack approaches customer-centric product ideation and development.

Measuring product-market fit / Experimentation

Gustaf Alströmer - Partner at Y Combinator

Before joining YC, he spent 4.5 years at Airbnb as a Product Lead on the Growth team, a team he helped start in 2012. In this lesson, Gustaf will explain how to measure product-market fit and share experimentation best practices.

Guillaume Cabane - Growth Advisor at Growth Ex Machina

Guillaume is CEO of Growth Ex Machina, where he advises growth stage startups. Prior to that, Guillaume held VP of Growth roles at Drift, Segment, and other successful startups. In this lesson, Guillaume will cover how to build an efficient acquisition machine.

Casey Winters - VP of Product at Eventbrite

Casey is the Chief Product Officer at Eventbrite. Prior to that, he held product and growth leadership roles at Thumbtack, Reddit, Pinterest, and Grubhub. In this lesson, he’ll cover how to set up an incredible onboarding flow for your business.

Patti Chan - VP of Product at Imperfect Foods

Patti is the VP of Product at Imperfect Foods. She's held various product, design, and engineering leadership roles over her 15 years in tech. In this lesson, Patti will explain why experimentation matters and share helpful frameworks for how to run your next experiment.

Growth UX

Lex Roman - Growth Design Lead at lexroman.com

Lex Roman founded her own company, lexroman.com, that’s focused on Growth Design. Prior to that, Lex was the Growth Design Lead at The Black Tux. In this lesson, Lex shares how to up-level your organization’s data literacy with concrete examples and practices you can take back to your team.

Calvin French-Owen - Co-founder and CTO at Segment

Calvin is the Co-founder and CTO at Segment. In this lesson, Calvin will share the common tool switching trends Segment has seen across its user base to give you a window into what’s next for your product and growth stack.

Jon Sadow - Co-founder & CPO at Scoop

Jon is the Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Scoop, the largest carpooling solution in the country. In this lesson, he’ll cover how to implement an analytics foundation that can scale with your company.

Stephanie Evans - Product Lead, Segment

In this session, Segment product lead goes deep on how her team uses data to uncover usability issues, identify customer needs, and build better products.

In this session, Segment’s co-founder will teach you how to think about analytics differently and set the right analytics foundation for your business or new product.

Grofers grew from 1/10th the size of their competition to passing them in just over two years. How? They shifted their focus from serving everyone to focusing on a target customer.

Product Marketing

Serial Head of Design, Author of Design-Driven Growth

Do your customers know what to expect after reading your product's website? Complicated value propositions kill conversion and deals. In this session Moly Norris Walker runs through a framework for simplifying your value prop, and testing it, including lots of case studies.