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The Curriculum

Each on-demand lesson is led by a product or growth expert and goes deep on a specific topic.

Molly Norris Walker - Serial Head of Design, Author of Design-Driven Growth at

Complicated value propositions kill conversion and deals. In this session Moly Norris Walker runs through a framework for simplifying your value prop, and testing it, including lots of case studies.

Kevin Minnick - VP of Product at Chartio

When should you make small vs big growth-product bets? Just how much can in-product collaboration drive retention? Kevin Minnick the VP of Product at Chartio, answers these questions, shares stories and lessons he’s learned.

Grofers grew from 1/10th the size of their competition to passing them in just over two years. How? They shifted their focus from serving everyone to focusing on a target customer.

Ilya Volodarsky - Co-founder & President at Segment

To succeed, your team needs to have access to the right data. In this session, we’ll teach you how to think about analytics differently and set the right analytics foundation for your business or new product.

Jon Sadow - Co-founder and CPO at Scoop

Jon Sadow walks through Scoop’s automated and cross-functional approach to tracking, cleaning, and democratizing data access, and share examples of the analyses driving growth for Scoop customers and carpoolers.

Calvin French-Owen - Co-founder and CTO at Segment

There are thousands of tools out there to choose from, and there’s no guidebook on how to do it. It’s hard to assess which tools you’ll outgrow in the next two months versus the ones you’ll use for years.

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Lex Roman - Founder and Growth Design Lead at lexroman.com

Data is often not accessible unless you can write code. Less technical people rely on data every day to make decisions, develop ideas or measure success. When tools and systems are not created with them in mind, they lose trust and understanding.

Patti Chan - VP of Product at Imperfect Foods

Companies like Netflix run more than a thousand experiments a year to drive product improvements. But how do you cultivate that kind of innovation when your team is 300 times smaller? By creating a culture of experimentation...

Casey Winters - VP of Product at Eventbrite

With user acquisition costs increasing year over year, it's never been more important to maximize your paid acquisition investment by engaging new users from day one and retaining them over time.

Guillaume Cabane - Growth Advisor at Growth Ex Machina

How can product and marketing help you to stand out from the competition and grow fast? In this session, Guillaume Cabane, advisor to growth stage startups, will share his own real-life growth tactics that leverage data to blow past the competition...

Gustaf Alströmer - Partner at Y Combinator

Using data to make product decisions is core to how successful growth teams operate, especially at startups. Gustaf, a member of the Airbnb growth team turned partner at Y Combinator, will share learnings from his 5 years at Airbnb...

Jaime DeLanghe - Director of Product at Slack

Customer insight is the foundation of any good product development process. With it, you can build the products your customers want and need (the two can be different!) that propel your business forward.

Carlos González de Villaumbrosia - CEO at Product School

Carlos González de Villaumbrosia, CEO at Product School, and Ben Galbraith, VP of Product at Segment, sat down to chat about how the role of product has changed in recent years and the skills product managers need to be successful.

Hannah Hudson - Head of User Research at Segment

The key to growth is deeply understanding your users’ needs and delivering experiences that exceed their expectations. And while data can give you many clues into your users’ behavior, user research is key to understand what really makes them tick...

Andrew Chen - Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

Andrew Chen is an industry-leading growth thought leader and partner at Andreessen Horowitz. In this lesson, he’ll be sitting down for a fireside chat to discuss data-backed growth strategies that he’s applied to multiple successful companies like Uber.