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Join Growth Masters for Product Managers

Perfect the art of building and scaling products that customers love.

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What you’ll get from Growth Masters

Growth Masters is an on-demand video collection that will teach you how to build better products for your customers and grow your business. Each video lesson is led by an industry thought leader and delivers actionable recommendations on topics like user research, experimentation, onboarding, and more. Sign up to unlock access to on-demand lessons and live events.

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Plus live events and content to solidify your learnings

Plus live events and content
 to solidify your learnings

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Exclusive AMAs

Get specific questions answered during exclusive “ask-me-anything” sessions with featured experts.

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Fresh content

New lessons, cheat sheets, and AMAs are added all the time to keep your PM skills sharp.

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Cheat sheets

Each video lesson is paired with an in-depth, downloadable cheat sheet on the topic covered.

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Community gatherings

Build your network with live events for PMs in the program, hosted at Segment’s San Francisco office.